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A peculiar thing happened to me…I went on vacation and lost weight!!!

A peculiar thing happened to me…I went on vacation and lost weight!!! Can you believe it.  Yes, the lapband works!  In fact I had told myself that it was OK if I maintained while on vacation, but happy to say that I lost.  Now that I am back from vacation and buckling down, I will be focusing on my next challenge.  60 pounds down by Thanksgiving!  Can I do it….in the words of Obama…Yes I can!

I’ve missed  checking in and seeing the comments that others have left.  I look forward once email is back under control to reach out to my friends with their blogs.

Talk with you tomorrow…my topic will be losing hair…yikes!

Almost at -40lbs!

I can hardly wait to tell you I have reached 40 pounds down…..so if I write it here, maybe I’ll get there quicker 🙂  To be honest, I think I need a fill…and I need to stop snacks.  I went camping this weekend, and I am going camping next weekend for 1.5 weeks.  Once I am back in town I am going to get a little fill.   Funny thing to note however, it seems like “not good food” never gets stuck….grrrrrr!

So, keep me honest, and ask me how I am doing.  I hope to soon tell you I am 40 pounds down.  So, in 12 weeks I have lost about 24 pounds….on track.  While I know this is what I should expect, I still think it can come off quicker.  I bet when I look at the trend, it was more per week in the beginning and less per week now.  Another call out I need is guidance on a new scale.  What scale should I purchase?  I heard good things about Tanita, but which model?  My scale is from Target, and it is marketed as part of the “Biggest Loser” program.  the problem is that I can weigh myself 5 times and get 5 different readings.  I have tired resetting it, by adding more or less weight to it…but still..no consistency :(.

Help a sister out, tell me which scale you love (or at least love to hate).

July 4, and no celebration foods

Well, it is 10pm, and I’ve made it through the day – no hotdogs, hamburgers, apple pie, NOTHING!  I’m so proud of me!!!  Today, as I was making sandwiches for others, I ate a slice of cheddar cheese.  I must have taken too much of a bite, and MAJOR PAIN!  I went to the bathroom, cause I thought I would have to throw it up, but I found that as I sat on the toilet and then leaned forward, so my torso was somewhat horizontal the pain went away.  I guess this is what you call a learning moment….I don’t want too many of these episodes.  I think because I was focused on something else other than eating, and this mindless eating led to PAIN.  I guess I need to keep telling myself: slow down, think about what your eating,  small bites, and chew thoroughly.

I’ve just boiled the kettle to make some tea.  I’m thinking of chocolate, so its time to drink some tea to take my mind off of the sweet chocolate.

Like Death Warmed Over!

Well, All I can say is that I am glad I haven’t been for my first fill yet.  I’ve had a combination of flu/pneumonia symptoms.  Nausea, chills, sweats, fever, very bad cough, labored breathing…….grrrr!  I have been under the weather for 1 whole week now, with no help in sight.  I have had a chest x-ray, an albuterol treatment at the Dr. office, and am on albuterol (puffer), antibiotics, and for 1 day, prednisone.

Talk about mind over matter, I was so nauseous that all I wanted to do was barf my guts out of it, but I used my mind to tell my body NO, UH UH, YOU ARE NOT VOMITTING!  Low and behold, that and no food, and I didn’t have to spill my cookies.

My weight loss is creeping along, I think I am down about 25lbs, so that makes me thrilled, since I don’t have that first fill yet. I am trying to use the power of the mind to formulate a new relationship with food.  Yesterday, I found it difficult as I was at an all day meeting at a very nice hotel, where breakfast, lunch and snack was beautifully catered.  The food was right there for me.  I feel like I did well.  For breakfast I stuck to some scrambled eggs, 1 slice of peppered bacon, and berries….what I turned down included, scones, chocolate croissants, bagels, coffee cake, potatoes.

I am 1 week from my first fill.  Other than this sickness, I am ready.  I am ready to experience what it feels like to have a band.  While I have had my band for 22 days now, with no restriction I don’t really know that it is there.  Hmmmm, what will it be like.  I am excited to be on the journey to get to that optimal place of not too tight, but tight enough 🙂

Countdown to better health….and the hopefulness that someone, anyone will check in on my blog and give me some love….I know you’re out there!

Houston, we have takeoff!

Well I just about gave up.  I thought no one had found my blog.  For whatever reason, I can only see the comments when I login.  So, since no one was visiting, and no one was commenting…I thought I should just abandon this effort.  But today, TODAY, I logged in and found that people are visiting and leaving comments…so I’m back in business.  Don’t get me wrong, I was writing on some boards, I just missed the company 🙂  Now the task is to figure out how to expose the comments.  If you know, leave me a comment (hahahah)

I am going to copy and paste what I had written a few days ago. I wrote it, so I might as well share it.

<paste start> Here is my lowdown…I had never had surgery, so I had no clue what to expect, but my hubby has had 4 knee surgeries, so I’ve seen people post-surgery, and been around first hand when dealing with nausea. Here’s my deal. I sat in the big comfy chair then I walked into the operating room. I had never been in an operating room together, the anesthesiologist put an IV in with some antibiotics, then they gave me some “oxygen”, and then I was in recovery. Seriously, I remember nothing, not even falling asleep. I awoke
groggy…but no nauseous-ness. I had some pain, but my recovery nurse was right there, and BINGO…no pain. I checked in at 11:45, surgery started right at 12:45 (I think), and was gone home at 3:45.
Once home, I took it easy. I didn’t feel nauseous, but also wasn’t real hungry. I did eat that night, but not much. I took the liquid pain med, right before bed, and slept like a baby. Throughout the next day the pain was manageable, and I maybe took 4 ibuprofen. My biggest issue was left shoulder pain. The pain is not strong, just odd, and not normal. When I did have discomfort, it was only 3 of the 5 incision sites.

Day 3 I felt like I was coming out of the anesthesia haze, and by Day 4 felt “normal”. So, surgery Thursday, and back to work on Monday. Voila!

I am 9 days post-surgery today, and still have left shoulder discomfort. I had my 1 week follow up and Dr. Montgomery (Dr. Chock was on vacation) assured me it was normal, and told me to manage the pain with ibuprofen.

Funny point, I was really “bunged up”, so last night I took Milk of Magnesia for the first time, as I have had 2 initial BMs since surgery, but then got clogged up. Boy-o-Boy, it works. I awoke at 7 to hear very loud stomach gurgles….presto….I now feel good.

Anyway, 9 days post op and 21 pounds down. I lost 14 pre-op, where for 10 days I did 3 protein shakes, and 1 Lean Cuisine/day. Then week 1 was all liquids, and now onto mushy foods. Tonight it’s Mahi Mahi for me.
<paste end>

Now, I am day 12, my weight loss has slowed, as I am back to food, and more variety (although still mushy).  I continue to keep my portions small, and am choosing good band choices…but I am sure I am consuming more than 900 kcals/day.

I have been very lucky, or I’m being very good, but so far no discomfort, nothing stuck, and just waiting for 1st fill to really know what I’m in for.

Tonight, I had some yellowfin tuna, broccoli, and blueberries for dinner – YUM!

Thank you all for visiting my blog, I will promise to keep it interesting, and I’ll figure out how to expose your comments.  They mean a lot to me, and will surely will help/entertain/inspire others.