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A peculiar thing happened to me…I went on vacation and lost weight!!!

A peculiar thing happened to me…I went on vacation and lost weight!!! Can you believe it.  Yes, the lapband works!  In fact I had told myself that it was OK if I maintained while on vacation, but happy to say that I lost.  Now that I am back from vacation and buckling down, I will be focusing on my next challenge.  60 pounds down by Thanksgiving!  Can I do it….in the words of Obama…Yes I can!

I’ve missed  checking in and seeing the comments that others have left.  I look forward once email is back under control to reach out to my friends with their blogs.

Talk with you tomorrow…my topic will be losing hair…yikes!

In Washington DC this week…trying to be good

I’m traveling for business this week and I’m in DC.  Definitely harder to stay on track, as there are so many business meals setup.  Last evening I ordered a Filet Mignon with Asparagus.  YUM!  I immediately cut my 8 oz. in half, and one of the men at my table gladly accepted my other half.  The one thing I notice, is that people are all busy talking and eating, I don’t think anyone really noticed that my helping was much smaller than theirs.  Since I’m not public about my band, this was good news for me.  This week is filled with business dinners at exceptional restaurants, so I will have to draw on that willpower again.  That lovely lady and I are becoming closer friends….I am trying to rely on her much more than I ever had before, because even though I have not hit my sweet spot, I want to at least be going in the right direction with my weight….and that’s DOWN!

So, new girl to DC, any advise? I can see the Whitehouse from my hotel, but will need to get out a little to do some sight-seeing.

To those of you who have left a comment or 2, thank you!