Monthly Archives: March 2012

Band too tight – require an unfill!

After well over a year I went in today to see my surgeon….and I got a full unfill. Let me tell you the story. I have not been feeling great for a while, but the weight has been coming off – down 86lbs…so why stop a good thing, right? WRONG! Over the past month, it has been harder and harder for me to eat. I have been waking up at night couching…and feeling like I could taste stomach acid in my mouth, I’ve been sticking to foods easy to get down (like soup), I can hardly finish a cup of tea. Well, after fluoroscopy, my Dr. told me that nothing was getting through my band, and my stoma and my esophagus was inflamed. So, a full unfill, wait 3 weeks, and then check back in. I am really hopeful that I can get back on track, learn from this mistake…. don’t live with a band that is too tight….If after 3 weeks things don’t look better, then it will be another check in 3 weeks….and after that it would have to be a band repositioning surgery…which I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE. So, good people, send me your good vibe, and learn from my idiotic mistake. Pay attention to your band, and if you have got to point where you are A) coughing at night, feeling like you have acid in your throat B)only eating foods that are easy to go down (like soup) C)feeling like you can’t eat much….go check in….you might need an unfill (even a little). I will be so peev’ed with myself if I have not listened to my body…and then need a surgery!

OK, enough of that rant…the big thing now is to go 3 weeks without gaining weight. I’ve had a little “talk with myself”…and now I am saying it here…I will not over eat, and I will not add back into my diet foods that I do not eat with my band! This cannot be all for not! I’ll keep you posted.