Your stomach the size of walnut, really????

I just re-read the blog posting by Lisetheloser, and she mentioned that your pouch when first created is the size of a walnut.  I read it without pausing, but then 10 hours later it hit me…THE SIZE OF A WALNUT?  Then how can I eat so much.  Man, I better scale way back.  So my question today is around portion size.  Would you say that you eat more than a walnut amount of food at one sitting.  My answer is DEFINITELY!  So, how much do you eat?  A protein the size of a deck or cards, plus a handful of veggies?

3 responses to “Your stomach the size of walnut, really????

  1. I’m right there with you. I think that I’m right on the verge of finding my sweet spot and I still know I eat more than an walnut amount. I have these lovely little bowls (love that Paula Dean) that hold a cup and I try to eat only one of these worth of protein and a bit of veg but it never really works out that way. Half and half most times. But it’s a constant battle I face. I try to do what the docs tell me but some days I fall back into old habits of eating to taste. Some people eat to eat. I eat to taste. Guess that means I should slow down.

  2. I read Lise’s post too (it’s how I found you).. But that’s not right.. the size of a walnut? It’s 1 to 1.5 cups of food at a time.. that is normal for lap banders.. I’ve read about it.. I’ve heard it on my subscriber video’s on You Tube and my Dietician does my surgeon. A walnut stomach would mean not being able to eat anything.. it would mean starvation! I’ve heard of lap banders who can only eat 1/4 of a cup..but they are waaaay too restricted. Starvation isn’t the goal. I hope that reassures you? 🙂

  3. Your pouch is the size of a walnut, but it stretches to about a baseball when totally full. Mine too, except there’s no bottom-pouch. 🙂 I eat about a cup of food over about 30 minutes. Sometimes more, but it takes much longer.

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