Monthly Archives: August 2010

Almost at -40lbs!

I can hardly wait to tell you I have reached 40 pounds down… if I write it here, maybe I’ll get there quicker ūüôā¬† To be honest, I think I need a fill…and I need to stop snacks.¬† I went camping this weekend, and I am going camping next weekend for 1.5 weeks.¬† Once I am back in town I am going to get a little fill.¬†¬† Funny thing to note however, it seems like “not good food” never gets stuck….grrrrrr!

So, keep me honest, and ask me how I am doing.¬† I hope to soon tell you I am 40 pounds down.¬† So, in 12 weeks I have lost about 24 pounds….on track.¬† While I know this is what I should expect, I still think it can come off quicker.¬† I bet when I look at the trend, it was more per week in the¬†beginning¬†and less per week now.¬† Another call out I need is guidance on a new scale.¬† What scale should I purchase?¬† I heard good things about Tanita, but which model?¬† My scale is from Target, and it is marketed as part of the “Biggest Loser” program.¬† the problem is that I can weigh myself 5 times and get 5 different readings.¬† I have tired resetting it, by adding more or less weight to it…but consistency :(.

Help a sister out, tell me which scale you love (or at least love to hate).

Old Habits Die Hard

Hey there, well it has been a whiles since I¬†posted.¬† My weight is still going in the right direct…DOWN….but slow.¬† Perhaps because of the cookie I that I’ve been sneaking????? Why, Oh we do this to ourselves…not just any cookie, the really yummy Vegan Choc¬†Chip cookies from Trader Joes.¬† I need to stop….for other’s it is McD…for me, these new found cookies.¬† Am I insane….general anaesthetic, surgery, $17K, a foreign object in me, and I’m sneaking a cookie…WTF!!!

I am pondering going for another fill.¬† My question today is¬†around my band.¬† It seems like when I get fills, I am restricted, but then after a week or so, I am not tight…is it loosening, am I getting used to it, am I loosing fluid, am I stretching my pouch?¬† I am very scared of getting too tight.¬† So, what do you think???¬†

I found I was not really tracking my weight loss from day to day…so before you know it a week passes and I don’t really know my last weight…I’m getting sloppy.¬† I need to keep on top of it…so, I hung a chart in my closet, so it is easy to capture it on paper.¬† Then when I have a minute I can put it in XL, but in the moment it is easy to record it.

As for protien shakes, I always blend mine, and I only have it for breaky, so when I need to boost my protein. My shake is a proprietary blend that I purchase from a club in my area, and it has 23g of protein, 4 g fiber,21g carbs, 24 vitamins and minerals, gluten free, and 180 cals.

Peace out, speak to you soon, I promise not to wait a week this time.