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Counting calories is not my thing

I have not really been counting calories.  I am loosing weight, so that is good.  My weight loss is right around that 34-36 pound mark…I fluctuate a lot…or at least my scale does. I stick to my standard 3 meals a day, with no snacking in between.  Morning I go with my trusty high protein shake…which I love and have been eating/drinking for a long time.  18o kcals, 23g protein, dinner I eat  standard low-fat protein choice and handful of veg…think 3/4 chicken breast, and 4-5 brocoli stem.  My biggest meal for sure is at lunch, and I go with a salad most days made of spinach, egg whites, red peppers, feta cheese and dressing.  The point here is that my salad portion is creeping up in size because I can just keep eating.  I can use willpower to keep it small, but what I was hoping for is restriction so that when my willpower wears thin (no pun intended), my band would help me.

Please don’t tell me to count calories….so should I be looking at another fill….or since my weight loss is on track, leave well alone?

Am I restricted?

OK, so fill 3 was last week. I will definitely say that I feel different from last week, but am I restricted is the question.  I definitely have to slow down, take smaller bites, and sometimes have to pause during my eating….but I can still eat way more than my nurse says I should be able to.  I guess my conundrum is….why am I not getting the signal that I am satiated (full)?  Or, am I missing something, during those moments when I have to pause, is this the message that I should stop?  Am I not interpreting my signals correctly?

Help, Oh wise people who have found their sweet spot.  Am I there yet???? Or do I move on to Fill #4?  The other point is that I am thinking of food a couple of hours later….not 4!

Have I just answered my own question.  Do I go in for another fill with the idea that I am close?  I guess I am just nervous about getting too full…I hate the 1 hour drive to the Dr office.

Ideas, thoughts, wisdom?

Fill #3 – When will I feel different???

Now that I am back from DC, I went in for Fill #3.  Boy did I need it, I felt like I could have eaten like a horse in DC. You can imagine my delight when I stood on the scale today to hear that I am 4 pounds down from my last fill.  Considering the fun time in DC, I was prepared for 1 up…not 4 down!

So, laid on the table, and experienced fill #3, which takes me to either 7 or 7.5cc in my band…can’t rmember and don’t have paper work in front of me.

Today and this evening I look it easy with food, as is recommended.  Tomorrow will tell if there is any restriction.  How many ccs do y’all have in your 10cc band????  Share, please.  As the days on go, I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I need to get in for Fill #4.

I may have mentioned this in the past, but at Thanksgiving I am going to Mexico for a vacay!  My goal between now and then is to be down 30 lbs.  I know I can do it…can you imagine, that will put me over 60lbs down!!!  Crazy.

In Washington DC this week…trying to be good

I’m traveling for business this week and I’m in DC.  Definitely harder to stay on track, as there are so many business meals setup.  Last evening I ordered a Filet Mignon with Asparagus.  YUM!  I immediately cut my 8 oz. in half, and one of the men at my table gladly accepted my other half.  The one thing I notice, is that people are all busy talking and eating, I don’t think anyone really noticed that my helping was much smaller than theirs.  Since I’m not public about my band, this was good news for me.  This week is filled with business dinners at exceptional restaurants, so I will have to draw on that willpower again.  That lovely lady and I are becoming closer friends….I am trying to rely on her much more than I ever had before, because even though I have not hit my sweet spot, I want to at least be going in the right direction with my weight….and that’s DOWN!

So, new girl to DC, any advise? I can see the Whitehouse from my hotel, but will need to get out a little to do some sight-seeing.

To those of you who have left a comment or 2, thank you!

I could eat a horse….

OK, I at least get the nod from my band to eat small bites, and chew well.  The nod comes as a pain to my chest…but dulled appetite…nada….I am always hungry.  I know I will get there, and that this is a journey, but hurry up and get here already  2 more weeks until my next fill…I am worried already, that my weight will have gone up over this period…CRAP!

Also, I am on the verge of drinking a Diet Pepsi….I have not had one since May 19…someone, please tell me to STOP!!!

Drink Water….Drink Water….Drink Water….Drink Water….Drink Water….Drink Water….Drink Water….

I’m going to start doing a daily countdown to my fill, so I can convince myself that my willpower can outrun my desire to eat.

How do I get people to leave comments?

I’m trying to figure out how I  can get more traffic to my blog…..I don’t really want to talk to myself.  Do I need to be more provocative, more opinionated, crazy, out there?

Is it wordpress?  Do I need to be over on blogger?  Can I change something in my settings to get my site “more findable”

July 4, and no celebration foods

Well, it is 10pm, and I’ve made it through the day – no hotdogs, hamburgers, apple pie, NOTHING!  I’m so proud of me!!!  Today, as I was making sandwiches for others, I ate a slice of cheddar cheese.  I must have taken too much of a bite, and MAJOR PAIN!  I went to the bathroom, cause I thought I would have to throw it up, but I found that as I sat on the toilet and then leaned forward, so my torso was somewhat horizontal the pain went away.  I guess this is what you call a learning moment….I don’t want too many of these episodes.  I think because I was focused on something else other than eating, and this mindless eating led to PAIN.  I guess I need to keep telling myself: slow down, think about what your eating,  small bites, and chew thoroughly.

I’ve just boiled the kettle to make some tea.  I’m thinking of chocolate, so its time to drink some tea to take my mind off of the sweet chocolate.