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Hungry like the wolf…sing it with me

OK, so today I am soooo hungry…..but nothing has changed in my habits in 1 month…so why today?  Stuff that hunger be-atch back in the cupboard, and tell her to get lost, and not to come back.  Well. I’m drinking hot tea, trying to persuade myself that I am not hungry!

I am getting ready to head to Washington DC with a colleague and they are all fixated on where we will eat…normally, I am too….but not now, I’m just hoping I can focus all my energy on being focused on my goal of loosing weight…which means healthy choices, small portions, no dessert, and Starbucks Oatmeal for breakfast 🙂

Playing it safe and staying yellow….

Through much advise, I am waiting until I return from my trip to get my 3rd fill.  I was 90% leaning this way, and the advise of those who are also on this journey took me the other 10% there… I will go to Vancouver in the yellow zone.  One thing I do know is that I will book my 3rd fill now before I leave, so that I can get the day and time I want 🙂

Now it’s all about staying focused, keeping the kcals down, and the activity up!  Send me your good energy as you move into the weekend.

Lovin’ life as I move from yellow to green

Yep, I’m still in the yellow….onwards toward Fill #3

OK, so I believe that I can feel the band working for me, in that I need to be careful how big my bites are, and I have to chew real well….much more than last week.  So, I know things are going in the right direction….however, I can still eat a boatload.  So, I think I am close, with a little room to go.  The question is, do I go right away – as in 1 week from second fill, or do I wait?  I could go this Thursday, but then on Friday I am leaving to go to Canada for 4 days.  So, do I get a fill right before I go, or do I wait until I come back?  Any and all wisdom would be appreciated….so please speak up.  I am leaning towards waiting until I get back to get the next fill…just in case.  I’d hate to be up in Canada and feel like I am too full.

Other than that, life is good.  I went out for lunch today with a friend and her family.  They don’t know I got a band, and I felt comfortable that there was nothing that seemed odd about my eating….so kept my secret a little longer 😉

If you find my blog, and you’ve got any guidance, insight, feedback for me….please leave a comment.  I promise to respond.

Am I yellow or am I green…only time will tell

Today I went for my 2nd fill.  I met Jessie…and she said lets get aggressive.  I was at 5ccs, she took me to 6.5.  I’ve eaten lunch, and so far so good.  I’m guessing dinner and breakfast will tell.  I’ve heard that people feel most restriction in the morning.  For those of you out there, reading and checking in…how many cc’s were in your band when you hit the green zone? I have a 10cc band.

I’ll keep you posted on whether I move from yellow to green…but for now I think I am still in the yellow.

Take me to the Green Zone…right now I’m in the YELLOW

For those of you ahead of me in your journey…you’ve seena variety of this image below.  For those of you with me, or behind me in your journey, this pic is informative.  So, tomorrow is fill #2….take me to the green zone….or at least a litle closer to it. 🙂  I have to admit, I will be embarrased tomorrow when I get weighed….I feel like th scale will be working in the wring direction.  I pushed the food a little this week to see if I could feel that Full mark….but it didn’t come.  Did I say that already in my last post?

green zone

Fill Number 2 coming to a theater near you…

Well its true…Fill #1 didn’t do anything for me….no more restriction, or better yet…didn’t dim my appetite.  I have pushed it this week to see if I maybe just wasn’t eating enough to have it kick in…..but nope….here is the most likely outcome….I’ll gon on Thursday for Fill #2 and find out that my weight is UP 😦

Hopefully Fill # 2 will do the trick…I am looking forward to satiety.  Yes, I am looking forward to the band….more than probably even I know…cause you know that willpower doesn’t last forever, at least not for me.

In the past 3 days, my skin has been itchy right at my port.  Is this a coincidence, or could they be related…or is it just because I finally know where my port is.  Who knows.  Anyone else notice this?

Yesterday was my First Fill

Well to those of you have yet to experience a fill…it was a piece of cake….and I’m a serious wein-ny…so there you have it.  I am freaked out by needles, so I had a little anxiety…but piece of cake, seriously.  The nurse had me lay on my back with legs out straight, and then do a straight leg lift about 4 inches off the table.  This has you focused on your abs and I just didn’t feel the big ‘ole needle.

I found out that the Dr. had put in 3cc during surgery.  The nurse added 2 ccs to bring me to 5.  I really can’t tell a difference from 2 days ago to now, so I have gone about my merry life and scheduled another fill 1 week from yesterday.  The good news is that she told me that they want to find my sweet spot, or green area quickly, so each week that I need an adjustment I can come in.  So, even if it takes 4 adjustments, I’ll get there in 4 weeks.  I’m hoping that next weeks top up will put me in the zone.  Again, a pleasant experience at the surgery center and meeting another nurse who has been banded, and hearing the story of “I was banded 3.5 years ago, lost 110 pounds in 11 months and have kept it off”  just makes me so happy.  Man, if I have results like that, I’ll be a hot babe….now that’s just me being funny.

To those of you out there, who are lurking, please check in, leave a comment, I love the comment…I hate coming home to No comments.